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Botsford, Jim
Jul 23 6:43 AM EDT
Post #25
Quad is on roids!!! Immediate suspension and fine of $5M!!
Botsford, Jim
Mar 26 9:32 PM EDT
Post #24
Ok that’s enough. You can all back off now.
Botsford, Jim
Feb 18 8:35 PM EST
Post #23
Bubba is now in my will! ????????????
Corcoran, Dave
Jan 26 11:29 PM EST
Post #22
Nobody picked Tiger this week?
Botsford, Jim
Jun 04 10:20 PM EDT
Post #21
Dear Mr Dufner, Where the hell were you last week?! Sincerely, MAYHEM
Botsford, Jim
Apr 24 7:31 PM EDT
Post #20
Who are these guys?
Haetinger, Bill
Apr 13 8:25 AM EDT
Post #19
It would be a good week for Kuchar to miss the cut!!!!!!
Botsford, Jim
Apr 09 10:33 PM EDT
Post #18
Dougie's army backs up the truck thanks to DJ falling down the stairs! Sergio was his back/up!! I demand an investigation!
Travers, Robert
Mar 27 8:30 AM EDT
Post #17
Travers, Robert
Mar 27 8:29 AM EDT
Post #16
I'm all of the basement, and I can see the sunshine
Botsford, Jim
Mar 17 9:47 PM EDT
Post #15
Stenson? Anyone? Stenson?
Haetinger, Bill
Mar 03 8:45 AM EST
Post #14
I feel your pain ... Stenson, no good bastard!
Corcoran, Dave
Mar 02 5:14 PM EST
Post #13
Is there a prize for number of withdrawals. If so I may be in the lead. No cut this week either ..
Botsford, Jim
Feb 19 8:43 PM EST
Post #12
Newsflash! Bubba Watson is available. Enjoy.
Haetinger, Bill
Feb 09 12:56 PM EST
Post #11
Seriously .... 12 guys picked Snedeker!!!!!